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Pontoon Water Glide|Faster Pontoon Boat Pontoon Water Glide|Faster Pontoon Boat Pontoon Water Glide|Pontoon Boat Accessories Pontoon Water Glide|Faster Pontoon Boat Pontoon Water Glide|Faster Pontoon Boat

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"Here is my experience with Pontoon Water Glide...I have a 1970 Harris Float-Boat with 24 foot long by 19-inch diameter logs and a 20 foot deck.  I restored it last year. This year I put on a brand new 90HP (with 14-inch diameter by 13-inch pitched prop that is cupped) that weighs 220 pounds more than the 25hp that was on it. Needless to say, my boat was squatting terribly in the back and I needed to get some lift without putting on a third pontoon. I did not want the added weight of a third pontoon (also, it would have been hard to find a third pontoon that was 19 inches in diameter since they aren't the standard anymore) and the extra cost of either changing trailers or modifying my current trailer.

Before installing the PWG, I had a top speed of 27mph (clocked with a GPS) at 5,200 rpms and I had so much water splashing that, from the shore, you could not see my motor! I installed the PWG and their performance shield at the same time. After these two items were installed, my top speed went to 32mph at 5,600 rpms, with the same 14X13 prop. I followed their advice and moved up to a 15-inch diameter prop (also cupped) and now have a top speed of 34mph at 5,200rpms. Not too bad for a 30 year old barge.

The people at Pontoon Water Glide made this purchase/experience very easy and painless. I made numerous calls to them before and after I bought the Glide to make sure I was making the right move and they ALWAYS treated me like I was their one and only customer. In today's day where it is almost always customer no-service, this experience was a refreshing change. Hats off to everyone at Pontoon Water Glide!"

~ Russ Handy, Oshkosh, WI ~

"I put the water glide on (by myself) while it was on the trailer (it was very easy and fun). Now the glide step out is 1" below the water line and the back of the pontoons is 1 1/4" higher than without the pontoon water glide.
      Before = 21mph at 5100rpm
      Now = 28mph at 5400rpm
      Now the BEST PART of the glide...
      Before with 3 people = 16mph at 4800rpm
      NOW with 3 people = 26mph at 5600rpm
      (63% increase with 3 people)
I use the boat for tubing and skiing and this increase with 3-4 people is what I wanted and what I received!"

~ Russ Hinkle, Villa Rica, GA ~


"I installed the waterglide on my Tracker 18' that had a GPS speed of 18mph and now, with no other changes, it has a GPs speed of 23mph. It helps on the load by at least one large person, it rides higher in the water, and holds the front up much better. It also helped on my speed when loaded. Oh by the way... this is with a 50hp Honda on a BassBuggy Tracker 1989 model."

~ Fred Bullard ~


"I have a 24 foot Sun Tracker with a 85hp Johnson.  Before the Water Glide, my boat was running 15mph.  Dragging and plowing in the water.  Now, with the Water Glide, my boat is running 24mph.  I gained 9mph!  I can pull my grandkids skiing and tubing with much ease on the water.  The steering of my boat is much better, it is "almost" like a ski boat.  You feel safer when you drop a skier out in the lake because you can get back and pick them up quicker.

The Water Glide gives me a smoother ride and more maneuverability on the water. Consider me another satisfied customer and I look forward to telling other pontoon owners about your product!

~ Lewis Harrison ~


"Pontoon Water Glide... Should Be A Standard Feature On All Pontoons!"


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