By reducing the amount of your hull that is in the water, drag is reduced and the result is increased speed and improved fuel efficiency.  The Water Glide provides a center pivot point which allows for tighter turning and improves your pontoon boat's overall handling.  While the Water Glide is similar to adding a third pontoon it is unique in that it adds floatation without any major modifications to your boat.

faster pontoon boat. better pontoon boat performance. less pontoon submarining.

​*Independent test done by Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine

March Issue 2004 - 18' Tracker - 60hp Johnson

Pontoon Water Glide increases pontoon boat speed and fuel efficiency.

Pontoon Water Glide Increases Pontoon Boat Speed

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 Unlike other pontoon boat accessories of this type, the Water Glide does not require any welding or difficult installation methods.  Whether you are thinking of refurbishing your existing boat or purchasing a new, Water Glide is the perfect enhancement to your boat's speed, stability, performance and handling.

Whether you are going to refurbish a used pontoon boat or buy new, the Pontoon Water Glide will add floatation to help your pontoon boat plane.  With this comes a faster pontoon boat, improved fuel efficiency and overall better handling.​

Water GliDe - The 3rd Pontoon

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You'll be impressed with our Water Glide and how quickly it makes a pontoon boat plane and how much faster the boat will go, with improved handling and fuel efficiency. See for yourself how one simple device can increase pontoon boat performance and give you a faster pontoon boat!

When researching possible pontoon boat modifications, you are sure to find the Pontoon Water Glide.  It's a pontoon boat hydrofoil that also works as a third pontoon however, unlike a standard third pontoon, the Water Glide provides floatation and lifts your boat while underway. One of the added benefits is the reduction of pontoon submarining.

How Does It Work?

A Great Performance Value

Pontoon Water Glide improves pontoon boat performance.

Is It Easy To Install?

  • Ski behind your pontoon
  • Improves stability
  • Smoother ride
  • Reduce pontoon submarining
  • Faster pontoon boat
  • Install Yourself
  • Increases speed up to 46%*
  • Increases fuel economy up to 57%*
  • Reduces drag
  • Improves overall handling
  • Increase pontoon boat performance
  • Additional 684 pounds of floatation