Inspect Pontoon Water Glide

Prior to operation of the boat inspect the Pontoon Water Glide for the following:

  • Damage to the fiberglass unit or mounting hardware.  Repair or replace prior to operation of the boat.
  • Check for loose or missing bolts.  Make sure the proper lock washers are in place and Loctite has been used.
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the Pontoon Water Glide for any debris that may have lodged in or around the unit.
  • Remove any foreign materials and clean the Water Glide.

When operating a boat with the "Water Glide" never exceed the operational limits set forth by the manufacturer of your boat.  You need to use safe boating practices at all times when operating your boat.  Never exceed the manufactures load and motor limits.

Review the operation manual provided with your boat and follow the guidelines laid out within it.  Safety First!

The "Water Glide" should be keep clean at all times. It is recommended that a good quality marine wax be used on the unit to assure the best performance.

Have Fun and be Safe!

Product : Operating Instructions