"While I was operating a pontoon boat on Grand Lake, in 1997, I dreamed of how a pontoon could be faster and have better fuel efficiency.  After talking with a friend who has a machine shop, I was assured that I could use any of my friend's machinery to explore options.

I made the first glide from metal and boy was it heavy!  I realized it was too heavy, but I put it on my pontoon and the iron glide actually worked!  The glide gave the pontoon better speed but not enough - it was just too heavy!

The process continued as I worked in my garage to make a glide that would improve my pontoon!  I worked with sheets of aluminum and aluminum ribs.  

The second version, much lighter, worked so much better!  There were still some refinements that needed to be made.  This glide allowed water to spray out on the sides, so I went back to the drawing board and added a keel on each side.  This gave the pontoon a lot more lift and stopped the additional side splashing.  In fact it gave the great lift I had been looking for - exactly what I wanted.  The final revision has been the addition of the floatation device that gives even a quicker lift at take off.

During the process, the Water Glide patent was completed and the final product is ready for a lifetime of fun for every family to enjoy. Now I sit and dream about every pontoon having all these benefits with their own Water Glide!"

LEROY PRICE, Inventor of the Water Glide

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