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However, as their kids grew older and the boating interests of family and friends have leaned more toward the active water sports, the couple began investigating options for getting a little better performance from the beloved family rig. That’s when Doug found the advertisement for the Pontoon Water Glide (PWG) within the pages of PDB magazine. The PWG acts as a hydrofoil to lift pontoon boats and offer better planing and handling, is constructed of composite material and filled with marine-grade polyurethane foam to give the boat an additional 684 pounds of flotation. At speed, the PWG actually reduces the amount of pontoon surface area in contact with the water to reduce drag while offering a center pivot point to allow for higher speeds, tighter turning and improved performance overall.

The 110-pound PWG arrives on packing crates and the kit comes complete with the Performance Sheeting and all-stainless steel hardware required for the installation. The pod measures 10 feet, 1 inch long, 35 inches wide and is 26 inches high. The tools required for the installation include a power drill, saw, drivers, clamps, bottle jack, level, straight edges and safety gear for use when drilling and cutting, including a dust mask and safety glasses. Note the WD-40, a squirt of which eases the through-metal drilling and screwing process.

His wife loves the Ohio couple’s Bennington, a 22-foot pontoon boat that Doug Stewart has customized for the dual uses of fishing (Doug) and cruising (Cindy) and the couple also enjoy their local lake. The 2003 Bennington 2275 is powered by a Honda 75hp outboard of the same vintage, and the pairing has proven adequate for the combination of pursuits.

A Great Do-It-Yourself Project

Article by Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine - March 2014

Story by Dan Armitage

Reduced Drag, Higher Speeds, Improved Performance.