The Pontoon Water Glide acts as a hydrofoil to lift pontoon boats and offer better planing and handling. It is constructed of composite material and filled with marine-grade polyurethane foam to give the boat an additional 684 pounds of flotation. The Pontoon Water Glide reduces the amount of pontoon surface area in contact with water to reduce drag while offering a center pivot point to allow for higher speeds, tighter turning and improved performance overall.

Dave graduated from Oregon State University in 1985 with a degree in Construction Engineering Management (C.E.M.).  This degree combines an engineering degree with a business degree, focusing on the construction industry.  For 15 years Dave was an owner/operator of a Heavy Marine Construction company mainly performing Breakwater/Jetty construction, Dredging and Shore Protection projects along the West Coast.

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Dave Schaefer

Since semi-retiring Dave has enjoyed spending more time with his family, including sharing his love of water sports and fishing.  After purchasing a new including sharing his love of water sports and fishing.  After purchasing a new pontoon boat for family fun and fishing, the engineer in Dave got the better of him.  He started looking for ways to make it go faster and handle better.  He came across the "Water Glide", installed it, and loved what it did to his new boat.  He loved it so much that he bought the company!

Pontoon Water Glide Acts as a Hydrofoil to Lift