Proper installation depends on several variables.  Please print and complete our measurement form and return it to us before ordering your Pontoon Water Glide.  We will review this information to insure maximum performance of your boat after installation of the Pontoon Water Glide. Because pontoon boats vary in length, HP of motors, furniture configuration, total weight, etc., the following information must be reviewed by Pontoon Water Glide personnel before your order can be filled.  Your results will depend on the accuracy of your measurements. If you have an used Glide you wish to install on another boat we are glad to help (Email for details).

The Pontoon "Water Glide" is an easy to install after market device designed to safely increase both speed and performance of your pontoon boat.  The "Water Glide" is a patented pontoon boat hydrofoil that lifts your pontoon so it planes like a conventional boat.

Below, you will see the Pontoon Water Glide Kits can be purchased with or without sheeting.  The kit without sheeting is for those who have already installed performance sheeting on their pontoon boat.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Pontoon Water Glide within 45 days of purchase, you may return it to our home office in Sunriver, Oregon. You will be refunded the purchase price of the returned items less any damage and less a 15% restocking fee.

Pontoon Water Glide without sheeting: $2150.00 (plus shipping)


Send Us Your Pontoon Boat Measurements

If you have not already sent us your pontoon measurements, please do so before placing your order, or soon after.  No order can be filled until your measurements have been reviewed.

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