Have ALL measurements and information regarding the installation of Your Pontoon Water Glide before you start.   This includes the measurements and information about your Pontoon Boat you have supplied to Pontoon Water Glide from the Order Form and the Confirmation Order Form information from Pontoon Water Glide with optimal mounting location and other pertinent information.  

Pontoom Water Glide Installation Instructions

Product: Installation Instructions

Included with your Water Glide is a performance shield package which consists of 8' 4" long aluminum sheets that are mounted from the back of the engine pod, forward covering 12 to 16 feet on each side of the Water Glide. This is easily mounted within minutes using self-tapping stainless steel screws that are included with the performance package. When using the performance shield in conjunction with the Water Glide, the bottom of the boat dry will be kept dry and you will see better performance from your boat. 

Measurement Form

* Printing requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Safely download a free copy here.

Install Pontoon Water Glide

Of all the pontoon boat accessories on the market, there is nothing quite like the Pontoon Water Glide. The Glide is an after market accessory which can be added to your boat to increase pontoon performance. It will increase pontoon speed, fuel efficiency and overall handling. Best of all, you can safely install it yourself. The Glide takes about 3 hours to install and does not require any welding or difficult installation methods. The installation can be done while the pontoon is on its trailer.

Installation instructions vary for each pontoon boat based on specific measurements.  Please complete our our measurement form and send to us.  In turn we will review the specifics about your boat and send you instructions on where the Pontoon Water Glide should be mounted.



Install Performance Sheeting