The concept is just that simple, and it really works.  The Glide not only lifts through floatation, once the boat is underway the planing aspects of its design brings the boat even further out of the water.  Don't let its compact size fool you, the Glide is a power house of performance.

Pontoon Deck & Boat Magazine even got curious about our claims for this pontoon boat accessory!  So curious, in fact, that they decided to do their own independent test.  You can read the full article but in short, Pontoon Deck & Boat Magazine said "...Simply put, the Pontoon Water Glide did what they said it would.".

Whether you are thinking of refurbishing your pontoon boat or purchasing a new boat, the Pontoon Water Glide is the perfect enhancement to your pontoon boats speed, stability, performance and handling.

Product : Specifications

Additional 684 pounds of floatation using Coast Guard approved polyurethane foam is injected into the Glide.

Pontoon boat accessories are vast, but the Pontoon Water Glide is one that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Looking for better pontoon performance?  More speed?  Better fuel efficiency?  Improved handling?  Then you've come to the right place.  The Pontoon Water Glide can improve your pontoon performance substantially.  What do we mean by substantially?  How about increased speed up to 46% and fuel economy up to 57%?

  Length:  10' 1"
  Height:  26"
  Width:  35"
  Weight:  130 pounds

After Market ​Pontoon Boat Accessory

Here's how it works...

The Water Glide is constructed of high quality FRP composite material with Coast Guard approved floatation foam.  This gives the pontoon an additional 684 pounds of floatation and your boat less drag.  By reducing the amount of your hull in the water, drag is reduced.  The Glide provides a center pivot point which allows for tighter turning and improves your pontoon boat's overall handling.  While the Water Glide is similar to adding a third pontoon, it is unique in that it adds floatation without any major modifications to your boat.